Research and education

Psychology as a science is still relatively young. Although not older than 150 years, more research is published in the domain of psychology today than compared with for instance medicine. The researcher in psychology who are active in Belgium are organised in this sector of the BFP. The common language used is English.

How do psychologists engage in research?

Psychological science and knowledge developed mainly within the universities. There, they use a broad range of methodes in research: going from observations in real life, using questionnaires to even experiments and brain imaging for neuropsychological research. 

Mainly we can differentiate two different research approaches: 

  • Fundamental research: For instance, psychological functions like our memory, the (sometimes) peculiar working of our senses, our emotions, the structure of our personality, groep dynamics, etc.  
  • Applied research; For instance, how effective are psychological interventions; what works with whom? When, how and why do psychological interventions work?  


Within the universities that knowledge learned from these research methods is passed along to the students psychologie. Many people seem to forget that every psychologist is basically trained as a scientist.

Our sector research and education is formed by the Belgian Association for Psychological Science (BAPS). You can find more information on their website

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