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Return to work after long-term absence is the challenge of this century. The numbers don’t lie.Absences between 1 month and 1 year as well as absences longer than 1 year are increasing,although there are differences depending on age, function and industry. 


As a response to this trend, the Center for Resilience has developed a return to work programme under the name of reboarding®. The programme consists of a step-by-step process supported with scientific evidence tailored to the need of the participant. Throughout the process, progress and impact are continuously monitored and evaluated. This way, we can guarantee quality AND impact.

The programme builds on the long-standing experience of Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof – more than 15 years of experience accompanying employees with long-term absences – and bundles her expertise consisting of clinical psychological interventions, business expertise and scientific knowledge.

Reboarding® not only facilitates return to work. We also provide a sustainable approach aimed at the individual, his environment and the work context.

Interested to implement this approach? Enroll in the training and become a “Reboarding Katalyst®.


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