Work & Organisational Psychology (incl. personnel psychology)

The domain of work and organisational psychology (WOP) covers the organisational and human resources (HR) aspects of enterprises and professional life generally, as well as consumer behaviour: the world of marketing and sales.

Work and organisational psychologists support organisations from a long-term perspective to optimise the behaviour and attitudes (including involvement and motivation) of their staff members. This can be achieved through recruitment & selection, training, coaching, consulting, change management & teambuilding, evaluation & feedback, compensation & benefits, social relations & law, job analyses, test development and research but also through diverse interventions related to for instance well-being (ergonomics, stress, safety, violence, work-life balance, etc.), counter-productive behaviour (bullying at work, absenteeism, lack of discipline, etc.), diversity and organisational structures, cultures, processes and strategies.

Common work places of work & organisational psychologists include personnel departments (HR departments), consultancy firms, training companies (especially for "people skills"), recruitment & selection bureaus, temporary job agencies, outplacement centres, market research companies, etc. Slightly less common work places of work & organisational psychologists include marketing and communication firms.

In the BFP there are two associations for work & organisational psychology:
- a Dutch language association: VOCAP
- a French language association: APTO