EFPA : European Federation of Psychologists' Associations

EFPA is the European umbrella organisation of national organisations of psychologists and enjoys amongst others a consultative status with the Council of Europe. Currently* 35 countries are represented in EFPA, including all 27 EU member states except Romania. Only one organisation per country can become an EFPA member, and for Belgium that is the BFP - who by the way is a founding member of EFPA.

The following people are currently* the link between the BFP and EFPA:
- Executive Council (EC): Edward Van Rossen (vice-president & treasurer)
- Board of Assessment: Mark Schittekatte (active member)
- Board of Educational Affairs: Els Mampaey (corresponding member)
- Board of Ethics: Pierre Nederlandt (convenor) & Edward Van Rossen (EC Liaison)
- Board of Prevention & Intervention > Subcommittee Psychotherapy: Nady Van Broeck (active member)
- Board of Professional Development: Edward Van Rossen (EC liaison)
- Board of Scientific Affairs: Sandy Schumann (corresponding member)
- Standing Committee on Psychology in Education (NEPES): Marianne Kant-Schaps (convenor)
- Standing Committee on Psychology & Health: Koen Lowet (active member)
- Standing Committee on Traffic Psychology: Markt Tant (active member)
- Task Force Resources: Edward Van Rossen (EC Liaison)
- Work Group Legal Status of the Profession: Nady Van Broeck (active member) & Edward Van Rossen (EC Liaison)

(* Last update: 31 May 2013)


EFPA Website: www.efpa.eu