Clinical Psychology (health & well-being: stress, psychotherapy, etc.)

Clinical psychology may be described as the sector of psychology that covers the psychological knowledge and practices related to client’s health and well-being. This may refer to relatively frequently occurring emotional problems (e.g., anxiety or stress), behavioural problems (e.g., addictions) and relationship problems or to less frequently occurring behavioural and mental disorders.

The goal of clinical psychologists is to help their clients to get rid of these problems or at least to help them to better cope with them so that their negative impact decreases. The most important tasks of a clinical psychologist may be divided into three domains: diagnostics, therapy and prevention.

Clinical psychologists work in a very wide variety of professional settings: from private practices and open door help centres to specialised long-term mental hospitals.

In the BFP there are several member associations for clinical psychology:
- one Dutch language association: VVKP
- several French language associations: AEMTCAFPCAPPSH and APSIH